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Save The Environment

No More Plastics

ECO GREEN BAMBOO is all about changing our old habits around the use of plastics and making the world a cleaner, greener and healthier place for everyone. With your support, We can change old habits.

Eco Friendly Bamboo Products


Welcome to Eco Green Bamboo, your destination for 100% natural bamboo home and kitchen products. We’re on a mission to combat plastic pollution by providing eco-friendly alternatives. Our carefully crafted bamboo items are toxin-free, durable, and stylish, offering a sustainable choice for a cleaner planet. Make the switch today!¬†

Bamboo Products

Eco Friendly

Disposable & Reusable Products
NO MORE PLASTIC PACKAGING All our packaging materials are compostable and recyclable.


Why Bamboo Products?

When it comes to fighting climate change, Bamboo value cannot be overstated. A grove of Bamboo can produce about 30-35 percent more oxygen than a equal area of trees and because Bamboo can be continuously harvested without killing the plant, that allows it to serve as a precious and long lasting Carbon sink. When it comes to saving the earth, Bamboo can and should play an important role in that dynamic polyculture of solutions. Bamboo is certainly one of the best resources we have at our disposal. Bamboo has the potential to absorbent store tremendous amount of carbon dioxide. With its high metabolism, Bamboo is capable of capturing significant quantities of CO2, one of the most important atmospheric factors contributing to the greenhouse effect and global warming.